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Sentiment Analysis

We use sentiment analysis to categorize all responses into positive and negative tones, and you can choose to stitch video responses according to your preference.

Analysis Prediction

The product/service`s future growth can be predicted based on present analytics statistics and customer experience scores. By analyzing both generic analytics and customer experience data, a more accurate prediction can be made about how well the product/service is doing and where it could potentially improve.

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Questions Optimization

Don't like the way the question was asked? Just "OPTIMIZE" it! This will change the tone of the question and make customers more likely to answer.

AI Recommendations

This powerful feature allows you to find your target users on social media sites based on the questions you asked and the context of the survey. With AI's help, you can easily identify the right people to target with your marketing campaigns.

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Auto Post

This amazing tool automates the process of posting your video content on social media, making it super easy for you to get your message out there quickly and efficiently. No more missed opportunities or hours wasted posting manually!

Auto Stitch

This feature automatically stitches together positive or negative videos to create a single video for you, so that you can watch it and take next steps accordingly.

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