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User Management

With Digital Padayatra, you can track the responses of all your users or customers to survey questions, and check the results user-by-user. This makes it easy to see which questions are causing difficulty for specific individuals, and allows you to quickly address any issues.

By-Question results

This feature helps you to track all user responses to a particular question in one place. This makes it easy to compare and contrast ideas and find trends. It's a great way to focus on feedback for a specific topic!


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By-Question Analytics

This option helps you get specific statistics for each question at the survey level. This will help you understand how users are responding to each question.

By-Response Time Stats

Watch how long users are spending on answering each question in your survey. This will help you understand how much they are focusing on your survey and optimize the questions for next time.

Push Notifications

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Favorite Responses

You can select the responses you liked and put it together in one place. You can then share this compilation on public pages of your website or social media, or share it with others from our site to show the benefits of our products/services.


This is a great feature that will help you get back to your customers instantly about their responses. If you need to provide an explanation about any answer they gave, or if you want to say thank you for a compliment, or if there's another scenario where you might need to reach out to them, this tool makes it easy for you to do so without missing any opportunity.

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Keep them Aside

With so many online tools and social media platforms, it can be tough to discern which responses are genuine and which ones are simply meant to discourage or antagonize. That's why we've added the Dislike button - by selecting this you can ignore any harsh or fake responses that might otherwise influence your analytics. But don't worry, the responses will still be available for you to review.

Favorite Videos

With this option, Digital Padayatra makes it easy for you to choose videos that portray your brand in the best light. Post them on public pages of your site or social media, or share with others directly from our site, to show the benefits of using your products or services.

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The Stitch

A one of a kind AI feature that allows you to stitch together all the videos you select and create a beautiful, single video. This video can then be exhibited on social media or shown to your team as a movie, letting them know user's words and expressions directly. In fact, 30 seconds of video is equal to 100 text responses, as it captures user's emotions and original tone.

Constructive criticism Stitch

This one-of-a-kind AI feature provides you with the ability to stitch together all of the negative videos that you select and show them to your team. This will help them understand the user's words and expressions directly, as they say them. Additionally, research has shown that 30 seconds of video is equal to 100 text responses when it comes to capturing user emotions and tone. This can help improve your services or product.

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Positive/Negative Sort

Our tool automatically sorts videos based on user's emotions and words into positive or negative, thereby saving time you would have spent sorting them manually. You can see all the videos of one type at one place!

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