Customer Management

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Thankyou card

Adding a beautiful thankyou card at the end of your survey is a great way to show your appreciation for your respondent's time. You can customize the message, add your business link and social media links, and increase your business reach by using it as a marketing tool.

Follow up mail

This is a great feature that will help you get back to your customers instantly about their responses. If you need to provide an explanation about any answer they gave, or if you want to say thank you for a compliment, or if there's another scenario where you might need to reach out to them, this tool makes it easy for you to do so without missing any opportunity.

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CSV, Excel Contact Import

There's no need to spend time manually adding contacts when you can easily import an entire database with CSV import! Plus, you can also import contacts from Excel. This makes importing your contact list a breeze - so you can get back to more important tasks.

Email/SMS Status

This option provides information on the status of surveys sent via email or SMS. You can preview the messages you sent, and even see when they were sent and what happened to them.

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