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Video Response

Our most popular video response option – it's easy to see why! A 30-second video is worth 100 text messages in terms of getting your customer's emotions and understanding their words.

Text Box

With AI-based features, you can collect text responses from users and get sentiment analysis for those texts. This provides a great way to see how people feel about your product or service.

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Audio Response

Another great feature by Digital PadaYatra is our ability to receive audio responses from users. This allows them to record their answers and send them directly to you. This provides a more personal experience for your respondents and can help you gather more accurate data.

Single Select (Multiple Choice)

This is an easy way for users to respond. They can select any one option from a series of multiple choices.

Push Notifications

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Multi-Select (Multiple Choice)

This is an easy way for users to respond where they can select more than one response from a series of multiple choices.

Likert Scale

This is a great scale with all pre-defined descriptions that are easy for users to respond to and you to understand the analytics. There are six+ descriptions available and you can also enter data manually, making it a versatile tool for your needs. The scale is also offered in 5 and 10 versions, making it adaptable to different situations.

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This is a really neat rating option that includes different choices for starts, emojis, hearts and thumbs (up/down). You can also customize the colors to match your needs.

A/B Testing

If you're looking for a unique way to gather response from your survey takers, why not try using images as an option? This can be an intriguing option for those who want to give their respondents a little more flexibility in how they answer. Plus, it can add some visual interest to your survey!

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If you're looking for a unique way to survey your audience, then look no further! With Digital PadaYatra, you can offer respondents various media files as options such as images, videos web links etc. This makes your survey more interactive and engaging, and allows your respondents to choose the answer that best suits them.


With this option you can link two questions based on a condition. The condition kept for the first question decides whether the next question should be displayed or not. This is a great way to keep your survey respondents engaged and guessing.

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A matrix option can be an interesting way to cover multiple questions at once. You can create a matrix by defining multiple number of options vertically and horizontally.

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